May 23, 2016

Job Advertisement - Roasting Operations Manager

Industry Beans is growing and with it comes new opportunities:

The Operations Manager is responsible for the daily, weekly, monthly and ongoing functioning of the roasting team.  The Operations Manager is a leadership role, providing guidance and taking responsibility for decision-making to ensure the team is not only fulfilling the day-to-day requirements for our clients, but is also enabled to exceed and grow Industry Beans.  

The Operations Manager is the key point of contact for all coffee-related matters at Industry Beans, including communication between Roasters, Baristas, Managers and Front of House staff.  Further, the Operations Manager is ultimately responsible for resolving any customer service items related to coffee and the timely delivery of coffee related services to retail customers and wholesale clients, either directly or through management of the roasting team. 

The Operations Manager is accountable to the Directors and is expected to work with a high degree of independence and autonomy.


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Overall administration of Industry Beans coffee roastery
  • Green Coffee Procurement
  • Product development and implementation
  • High level client account management
  • Human resources management
  • Reporting and communication
  • Day-to-day operations management

 Key Skills and Attributes:

The successful applicant will have the following skills:

  • Strong leadership and staff management skills
  • High level competency with computers and software
  • Exceptional administrative and operational organisation skills
  • Detailed technical skills with coffee roasters and machinery
  • Developed coffee palate and appreciation
  • Strong barista skills
  • Detailed coffee knowledge from crop to cup
  • A hands on approach to management

 Relevant Qualifications and Experience

  • 2 years minimum experience in similar positions (essential)
  • 5 years minimum experience in the broader coffee industry (essential)
  • Previous origin trips and experience (preferred)
  • Industry related short courses (preferred)
  • High level competency in email, documentation and spreadsheet programs


This is a fantastic opportunity for the right applicant and offers a long term career driven path in the specialty coffee industry, with a growing and progressive organisation.

Applications for this position should include a cover letter, resume and relevant qualifications and should be emailed to Industry Beans Director Steve Simmons on