May 23, 2014

Feature Wholesale Partner: Scarvelli Cafe, Balwyn

Located in Balwyn, Scarvelli is bringing a truly specialty coffee experience to Melbourne's eastern suburbs - and serving Industry Beans coffee! An exclusive wholesale client of ours, Scarvelli use our signature blend - the Fitzroy Street Blendsmooth and honey-sweet, with bright lemon acidity, notes of blackberry and chocolate and a hazelnut and caramel finish. They also serve a range of Industry Beans single origin coffees on espresso and cold drip, as well as Chocolate From Industry Beans.

Climb on board the 109 tram to get there, it stops at the front door. The cafe's atmosphere is warm and professional, serving breakfast and lunch, with an open courtyard. Connect with Scarvelli on facebook or follow their head barista, Chris Fahy, on instagram and watch his ongoing experimentation with latte art.

Scarvelli Cafe
145 Whitehorse Road
Balwyn, VIC 3103
(03) 9816 8887

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