March 20, 2014

Introducing our seasonal blend - the Autumn Roast

Missing the sunshine? We've got the perfect cure for your seasonal blues: the Autumn Roast, a rich and satisfying espresso blend. 

A limited release seasonal blend, the Autumn Roast features two single origin coffees: a microlot from Santa Felisa Estate, one of Guatemala’s most respected growers, blended with a bold, refined coffee bean from Wahana Estate, one of Indonesia’s most innovative and progressive estates.

We have a direct relationship with Wahana Estate and continue to be blown away by the quality of their coffee. Located in the village of Lae Mungkur near Lake Toba in the Dairi district of North Sumatra, Wahana Estate's processing mills are leading the way in the processing of specialty grade Indonesian coffee. Santa Felisa estate, meanwhile, has been owned by the Meneses family for four generations and has a fantastic reputation. Located in the high altitude region of Acatenango, Guatemala, the estate has ideal microclimatic conditions for coffee growing. This particular microlot is from the San Antonio plot within the estate, grown on trees that are around 40 years old.

The two coffees blend together for a rich espresso experience with a very full, syrupy mouthfeel, a bright lemon acidity, notes of orange and apricot, and a long dark chocolate finish. We'll be serving this delicious blend on the espresso machine at the Industry Beans warehouse until winter arrives.

Order the Autumn Roast from our online shop and we'll post it to you, freshly roasted, anywhere in Australia.