May 28, 2014

Filter is the new black? An interview about filter coffee with Industry Beans barista Gareth Sobey.

Claire Botsy from Feast Melbourne recently visited the Industry Beans Roastery to get our take on the growing popularity of filter coffee in Melbourne. In this interview with Industry Beans barista Gareth Sobey the two discuss the differences between the specialty coffee scene in Australia and the United States and the trend among local coffee drinkers to be more adventurous in what they order.

"Melbourne is leading the way in a well-thought approach to roasting coffee in new and exciting ways" says Gareth. "With filtered coffee, Melbourne roasters are well-regarded for exploring different flavor profiles and complexities and having a more nuanced, more thought out approach".

Asked about how Industry Beans approach filter coffee he explains that "we are excited by what we can do with a scientific approach, using our curiosity to obtain reproducible results, recording and replicating it so there’s consistency... We've always been very passionate about the possibilities offered by filter brewing and we’re very glad Melbourne has decided to get excited about it. Filtered coffee is a different approach to coffee, you can let it linger and the taste evolves, flavors open up, increasing complexity. Drinking espresso can be a quick experience."

Read the full interview here.

Industry Beans Cafe Fitzroy

Photo by Lana Bishop.