Introducing Winter - our new seasonal espresso blend

Each season at Industry Beans we offer a new, limited release seasonal espresso blend. Now that winter is upon us we'd like to introduce you to the perfect cure for your seasonal blues. Winter, our seasonal blend, consists of two washed single origins - one grown at Finca Guadelupe in the Zarcero municipality of Costa Rica, the other on the north eastern slope of Mt. Kenya. These two coffees blend together for a rich and lively espresso experience with notes of sweet cherry, blackberry and spice.

  • 40%     Kichwa Tembo, Kenya
  • 60%     Finca Guadelupe, Costa Rica

Visit the Fitzroy Roastery to try this delicious seasonal blend - we'll be rocking it on the espresso machine over the coming months - or order yourself a bag from our online shop and we'll post it to you, freshly roasted, anywhere in Australia.