June 11, 2014

New in stock: SWP Decaf from Teka, Burundi

Industry Beans CoffeeAt Industry Beans we take decaffeinated coffee seriously. Using the Swiss Water Process (SWP), an entirely chemical free method of removing the caffeine from coffee, it is possible to achieve what many believe is impossible: decaffeinated coffee that tastes truly delicious. Swiss Water Process goes to great lengths to retain the distinctive characteristics of the particular coffee being decaffeinated.

New to our coffee roster is a SWP Decaf coffee processed at Teka in Burundi - the country's only washing station to work at an elevation above 1900 masl. Grown on the same ridges as the coffee being delivered to Bwayi and Kinyovu, this is an immaculate coffee. As an espresso the Teka, Burundi has an aroma of caramel, balanced acidity, a silky mouthfeel, and notes of sweet apple and spice.

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