August 13, 2014

Feature Wholesale Partner: Pigeonhole in Ultimo, Sydney

Leading the vanguard of new cafes bringing Melbourne-style specialty coffee to Sydney's inner city suburbs is a new spot in Ultimo called Pigeonhole. Located in a stretch that has recently sprouted new apartment towers and become a vibrant business hub on the fringe of the CBD, the newly opened Pigeonhole has an post-industrial fit-out made from upcycled hardwood fences and metal piping. Exclusively serving INDUSTRY BEANS, the cafe looks set to become Ultimo's go-to spot for takeaway specialty coffee.


Aiming to create a welcoming and unpretentious environment in which to look after the specialty coffee needs of the neighbourhood's apartment dwellers, office workers and students, Pigeonhole's owner Giancarlo Pedavoli is also extremely passionate about food. Not only does he hold a degree in Viticulture and Winemaking, he has trained as both a barista and a chef, most recently working and living for a year in Italy. Pigeonhole's kitchen reflects this passion, serving a simple but delicious selection of bites made with fresh, locally sourced produce - some of which comes directly from the Pedavoli family farm!

Everyday Pigeonhole offers local coffee drinkers a choice between the Rose Street Blend and a feature single origin coffee from INDUSTRY BEANS, lovingly made on their Synesso Hydra. They also offer a range of Teas, Chocolate and Chai all sourced or house-made by INDUSTRY BEANS.

Pigeonhole Cafe
Unit 4, 458 Wattle Street
Ultimo, NSW 2007
(02) 9211 2378