We’re delighted to share our Autumn Seasonal Espresso chocolate collaboration with you.

Industry Beans Seasonal Espresso and Chocolate Pack

In this year’s Autumn blend, the flavours capture the change of colour and mood in nature around us, with tasting notes of pomegranate, nectarine and brown sugar.

In our Seasonal Chocolate Block, we’ve used a milk chocolate that highlights and complements those notes. Each is made by hand by Jen at Bakedown Cakery who is a coffee and chocolate lover herself! She melts and infuses the chocolate with freshly ground Autumn beans, then leaves the mixture to sit overnight to facilitate a 24 hour infusion. Once the infusion is just right, the chocolate is strained to remove the larger pieces of the grounds, resulting in a delicate crunchiness from the residual coffee.

Our Autumnal Truffle pairing offers a duo of truffles each filled with a ganache infused with one of the two single origins that make up our Autumn Seasonal Espresso Blend. Each single origin is freshly ground and simmered with cream and carefully strained, then the chocolate melted into the infusion. This season we have a dark chocolate truffle filled with Ondas da Mantiqueira, Brazil and a caramel truffle with Nyakabugi, Kenya. 

Both of these seasonal chocolate treats are available in Fitzroy, Lt. Collins and York St. all Autumn long. You can even enjoy the Chocolate Block with a pack of Autumn Seasonal Espresso at home via our online store, so that your home brew has some great company. While we’d love to ship the truffles to you as well, they need a little more TLC due to their gooey ganache centre, so you’ll have to come find us to get your hands (and mouths) on them.

We hope your Autumn is full of delicious coffee and mouthwatering chocolate 💙