Industry Beans cafe Autumn Espresso Blend Fitzroy Melbourne

With a new season comes a new seasonal espresso, and we’re really excited about Autumn.

Moving into Autumn is a warming feeling, which we have emulated with the pairing of a natural Ethiopian coffee with a washed Rwandan: 60% Aleta Sidamo Ethiopia and 40% Terimbere Rwanda.

Industry Beans Specialty Coffee Roaster Café Melbourne

It’s a sweet and rich blend with mild spice and a velvety mouthfeel - exactly what we’re feeling as the summer days begin to fade.

We whittled down our tasting notes to those that we felt represented the Autumn drinking experience best: dried fig, white chocolate and toffee apple.

We hope that Autumn brings you some sweet warmth over the next few months. We’ll be serving it every day in Fitzroy and featuring at Lt. Collins, and you can get yourself a pack via our online store.