Our Seasonal Espresso Blend: Autumn has been developed to match the upcoming cooling of the weather and the autumnal changes in colour we see in nature around us.  Reflecting a palette of orange, red, purple and brown, this blend delivers warming notes of pomegranate, nectarine and brown sugar.

Industry Beans Seasonal Espresso Blend Autumn Community Discount

Autumn is made up of two excellent single origins: Ondas da Mantiqueira from Brazil and Nyakabugi from Kenya.

The Mantiqueira region in Sul de Minas has earned an enviable reputation for quality coffee, dominating Cup of Excellence in recent years.  Fazenda Ondas da Mantiqueira is demonstrating clear commitment to quality through hand picking (quite unusual in Brazil) and drying in small batches on patios.

Nyakabugi is a co-operative with 2000 members growing coffee in Kiambu County, the closest growing region to the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.  This particular lot, comprised of SL28 and SL34 varietals, presents the qualities so desirable of quality Kenyan coffee, with bright, lively acidity and refined, complex fruit characteristics. 

This Autumn Blend has been designed to reflect the colours and flavours that the season brings. To experience all that the season has to offer, come enjoy an Autumn Flat White here in the Fitzroy courtyard while you indulge in the warming flavours of our Autumn dessert.

This blend is yours to enjoy throughout the season in Fitzroy, or order yourself a pack via our online store.