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Our Cold Brew Coffee Range Is In Woolworths Metro!

Our Cold Brew Coffee Range Is In Woolworths Metro!
Cold brew lovers, we have exciting news for you! Getting a great-tasting cold brew coffee on the go is now easier than ever - with our Cold Brew Cans and Fitzroy Iced Coffee now available in Woolworths Metro stores in VIC and NSW!


When we created our Cold Brew coffee range, we made sure that they were shelf-stable, meaning that they don't need to be refrigerated. This means that they will taste just as great out of a fridge or off the shelf anywhere, as they do when we hand them over to you ourselves - and this is something that is incredibly important to us.
Woolworths Metro being the one-stop-shop for freshness and convenience, they're able to bring high quality products at anytime of the day, which was the perfect fit for our ready-to-drink cold brew range.


Our Cold Brew Range is now available at your local Woolworths Metro store in VIC or NSW - in the cold drinks fridge.
Next time you're in need of an ice cold cold brew, or need to stock up your fridge - you've got a little less to drive! Of course, you can always get our cold brew in our cafes, from our wholesale partners and online (with free shipping over $15)!


Not only our cold brews delicious on their own, they're also a great recipe base for some tasty drinks! Check out three of our favourite recipes here!

If you're a cold brew lover, stop by a Woolworths Metro and grab a brew to show your support. It's never been easier to enjoy an ice cold, cold brew coffee.
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