Enjoy Winter before it’s over…

This winter has been a delight, and despite the cold, we’ve found plenty of ways to stay warm. If you haven’t experienced an Industry Beans winter yet, we’d love to have you join us for the last of our seasonal delights… 

Winter Seasonal Espresso

Each change of season gives us the opportunity to create a blend that reflects the shifts in our natural surroundings. With Winter we created a coffee with a smooth, warming and decadent flavour profile of sugar plum, chocolate ganache and blueberry. Comprised of 67Wonberta, Ethiopia and 33% Fazenda California, Brazil this blend has a mellow berry-like acidity, thick buttery mouthfeel and long sugary sweetness.  

We’ll be serving it in the cafes and roasting for online orders until Spring comes around. If you haven’t tried it yet, or if you’d like to try it again, visit the product page here. 

Winter Dessert 

Each season our chefs develop a new dessert to complement our Seasonal Espresso's Tasting Notes. This year’s blueberry, chocolate ganache and sugar plum notes have led them to Winter: a cherrywood smoked chocolate cheesecake with coffee chocolate ganache, coffee tuille, sugar plum leather and blueberry coulis. 

Enjoy this delicious pairing with a Winter Flat White or Espresso at Fitzroy and York St. 

Winter Espresso Truffles 

A limited run of our new Winter Seasonal Truffles arrived in store last week, and they might just be our favourite pairing yet. Each golden box contains two truffles infused with the single origins that make up our Winter Blend. Wonberta, Ethiopia features in a blueberry ganache within a dark chocolate shell, to bring out its fruity notes. Fazenda California, Brazil has found its home in a rich coffee caramel within a milk chocolate shell, to reflect its syrupy, chocolate tones. 

There are only 85 sets out there, spread between Fitzroy, Lt. Collins and York St, each handmade by the lovely Jen from Bakedown Cakery. Whether you're a chocolate lover, a coffee lover, or both - we hope you enjoy them. 


We hope you take the chance to bring a little Industry Beans Winter into the last of the season. 


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