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Exclusive Microlot Geisha Duo from La Esperanza

Exclusive Microlot Geisha Duo from La Esperanza

This year, we're exceptionally excited to be releasing two exclusive microlots from Café Granja La Esperanza in Colombia – featuring two delicious and unique Geisha varietal lots.

Café Granja La Esperanza goes way back to 1945, when couple Blanca Ligia Correa and Juan Antonio Herrera started a crop of Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon and Caturra. The family has five farms in Colombia and are amongst the most progressive and experimental plantations in the world.

They're best known for being the first to bring the sought-after Geisha varietal to Colombia, when Don Rigoberto, one of Blanca and Juan Antonio's eleven kids, brought in some Geisha seeds, adding a new varietal to the farm and continuing the family tradition of growing high quality specialty coffee.

Of all the dozens of varietals of Arabica, Geisha is widely regarded as the highest quality, delivering a complex, sweet, delicate flavour profile. It's also harder to grow and relatively low yielding, so farmers choose to plant it with the intention of delivering the highest quality cup profile.


From the farm's impressive offering, we've bundled up two complimentary but very different Geishas to roast – Las Margaritas Geisha and Cerro Azul Geisha. The two coffees pair nicely together with Las Margaritas showcasing classic & elegant Geisha notes and Cerro Azul bringing a new take to the varietal.


We've sourced the Las Margaritas Geisha lot in 2020 and we're very glad to roast & offer the 2021 crop, which is just as impressive! It offers a sweet, silky flavour profile, and we love the balance and complexity of this coffee. Some Geishas can be a little too subtle in flavour and light in body, however this lot delivers a satisfying experience with a flavour profile that keeps on giving. This coffee highlights classic & elegant Geisha tasting notes of elderflower, butterscotch and orange.


We've paired this up with an equally high quality lot – Cerro Azul Geisha - while showcasing a different processing approach. The sweet spot here is ensuring the honey processing adds to the experience, rather than becoming the dominant flavour. In this regard, Cerro Azul is an outstanding example of a beautifully balanced and complex honey processed Geisha. It offers a punchy, tropical fruit juiciness that jumps out of the cup, and is the very definition of a 'smashable' coffee. We're sure you'll savour every sip like we have and enjoy notes of papaya, mandarin and mango.

We have kept the roast profiles of these coffees light, in order to preserve the full breadth of flavour inherent in the bean, and will be available in a duo bundle or individually.

We'll be roasting these microlots starting 8th November until they are sold through - which we expect to be soon! We think you wouldn't want to miss out on these delicious pairing; scroll through to read more about how we're brewing it and to get your order in.


Las Margaritas Geisha

Coffee dose: 12g
Brew water: 180g
Temperature: 92°c
Brew time: 3:00 mins

Cerro Azul Geisha

Coffee dose: 12g
Brew water: 180g
Temperature: 94°c
Brew time: 3:00 mins

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