February 08, 2018


We’re a little bit in love with our new bagels.

We’ve been serving our signature Turmeric and Beet Bagel in Fitzroy for a few seasons, with smoked black garlic cream cheese, house cured salmon, pickled zucchini, avocado and fried capers. When we opened Industry Beans Lt. Collins in the city, we wanted to create snackable versions of the same thing, which is how our Golden and Beet bagels came to be. Little did we know we'd soon be making more bagels than we ever imagined!

They get their beautiful colour from house-made beetroot and turmeric infusions. Until recently, our team of chefs were up bright and early baking them daily in Fitzroy. The more bagels you ate, the more bagels we baked, until we reached capacity and had to find a way to keep up.

Enter: Five & Dime Bagels. The team at 5&D have been making traditional(ish) bagels for years, and they're the perfect collaborators. Their bagels are boiled & baked using the traditional method, made from local ingredients, and best of all – they’re not afraid to try something new. Our Head Chef James worked with Zev from Five & Dime to get our bagels just right. Now, we drop off our fresh, house-made turmeric and beet infusions to the team at Five & Dime for every delicious batch.

Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, full of flavour and made with love.

Made for you every day in the city at Industry Beans Lt. Collins.

Industry Beans Lt. Collins

345 Lt. Collins Street, Melbourne

Weekdays 7am-4.30pm Weekends 8am-4pm