Introducing our Winter Seasonal Espresso Blend

Every three months our seasonal blend gives us an opportunity to create a coffee that reflects nature’s changes to our everyday surroundings. 

With winter’s cold upon us, our newest blend has been designed to be warming, decadent and rich.

Winter '20 is composed of 50% Ayele Fulasa Gesha, Ethiopia and 50% Kelagur Heights, India, resulting in syrupy, dessert-like flavours of black forest, roasted almond and candied orange.

Ayele Fulasa is one of many Ethiopian small producers benefiting from recent changes in regulation that have allowed for direct international trade. Comprised of wild heirloom varietals that grow locally in the town of Gesha, this coffee brings to Winter its mellow, fruit-driven acidity and candy-like sweetness.

Kelagur Heights is located in the Western Ghats, in the Chikmagalur District of Karnataka State. Not your ordinary geisha, this varietal has been crossed with HDT to give more strength to the plant. It brings to the blend a smooth, syrupy mouthfeel, decadent chocolate notes and a roasted almond aftertaste.

We've tasted Winter in all forms and can say that it is equally delicious both black and with milk. Winter '20 is available online to be shipped to homes and offices around the world, as well as in each of our cafes where we'll be brewing it on espresso for the season. 

We hope you enjoy a taste of Winter with us, no matter where you find yourself!