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Specialty Coffee Collective Capsules

Specialty Coffee Collective Capsules

At Industry Beans, we believe that coffee should always taste fantastic, however you drink it. We've always been focused on helping our community make delicious coffee at home, and when we started receiving receiving request for capsules or pods, we decided to make it happen.

While we don't have an Industry Beans capsule range, we can't ignore a request for better coffee. We know there are a lot of coffee pods out there that don't hit the mark, so we partnered up with Specialty Coffee Collective to help create the ultimate coffee capsule for your Nespresso® compatible machine.

The coffee in these capsules are of the same premium quality that any Industry Beans coffee is, and have been roasted specifically for capsule extraction. Each capsule is filled with freshly ground coffee and instantly sealed, creating a time capsule for the coffee's flavour to ensure a real-time, delicious espresso from your machine. 

With three blends, a hand-picked single origin and a premium SWP decaf, we think they hit every mark. Here's a run down on the range:


Origins: San Rafael, COLOMBIA | Mzuri, TANZANIA
Intensity: 8
Description: Comprised of two stellar coffees from Colombia and Tanzania, this blend gives a very balanced, sweet cup with flavours of strawberry, florals and maple syrup. Delicious as a black coffee and a great match with milk.


Origins: Alianca, BRAZIL | Ngozi, BURUNDI | Montana Verde, HONDURAS
Intensity: 10
Description: With a rich and velvety texture, this blend is satisfying and full bodied. Flavours of brown sugar, chocolate and sweet orange make this coffee perfect for those looking for a bold experience, as a black coffee or with milk.


Origins: Lamari, PNG | Alianca, BRAZIL | Montana Verde, HONDURAS
Intensity: 12
Description: Comprised of three powerful coffees from Brazil, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, this blend is strong from the start with flavours of pear, molasses and sweet liquorice. Delivering an empowering taste for the seasoned coffee drinker.


Origin: Arsosala, ETHIOPIA
Intensity: 10
The Arsosala washing station was established in
2015 and today serves around 1,200 smallholder
producers. This coffee has a bright, floral
complexity with vibrant fruit-like qualities, making
for an elegant flavour profile typical of the world’s
most famous coffee producing region.


Origin: Sibu, ETHIOPIA
Intensity: 7
Description: This single origin coffee was grown at an altitude of 1850 masl in the Sidamo Province of Ethiopia. It has been decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process (SWP), an entirely chemical free method of removing the caffeine from coffee.

If capsules are your preferred way to brew, we're pleased to be able to help you make the best pod coffee you've ever tasted.

Shop Specialty Coffee Collective Capsules here.

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