Introducing Spring ’19: Our Seasonal Espresso Blend

Each change of season gives us an opportunity to create a new blend to reflect the shifts in weather, colour and mood in our natural surroundings. This Spring, we’ve created a blend with Nziza Women’s Collective from Rwanda and Finca Los Cedros from Honduras, two distinctive coffees with different processing methods, grown in opposite corners of the coffee globe. The result is a fresh and aromatic coffee which perfectly fits the Spring season.

Industry Beans Seasonal Espresso Blend: Spring '19

The first component, Nziza Women’s Collective from Rwanda, comprises 60% of the blend and brings with it a zesty, citric acidity as well as a herbal aroma and aftertaste. Nziza Women’s Collective is made up of 200 women who are the sole supporters of their households. The collective provides a liveable income to its members and the money generated through the sale of this lot also provides infrastructure, education and income for the community outside of the coffee harvest.

The second component is Finca Los Cedros from Honduras, making up the remaining 40% of the blend. From collection and sorting through to de-pulping and drying, great care has been taken at Finca Los Cedros to ensure proper handling of this micro-lot, resulting in an exotic and extraordinary cup profile. This coffee brings its vibrancy and tropical sweetness to the blend and, in combination with Nziza, lifts some of the herbal and floral notes into sweet, perfume-like qualities.

Spring ‘19 is a bright and lively coffee which we have given tasting notes of honeydew melon, yuzu and lemon myrtle. It has a juicy acidity, vibrant sweetness and lovely floral aftertaste designed to evoke the vibrancy of life and colour as it returns to our environment throughout the Spring season.

We’ll be serving it in the cafes and roasting for online orders for the rest of the season. If you haven’t tried it yet, check it out here.


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