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Introducing The Industry Beans Espresso Club™

Introducing The Industry Beans Espresso Club™

The Espresso Club™ is our game-changing new home coffee subscription that brings together a coffee subscription, a home espresso machine and a range of Membership benefits into one easy-to-manage weekly payment from only $29 / week.

Introducing The Espresso Club

We’ve been working on the Espresso Club™ over the past year - and with more people making coffee at home than ever before, we're beyond excited to open Membership.

In conversations with our coffee community, we heard that there were a lot of barriers to feeling confident getting set up to make home espresso. From deciding which machine is right for you, to knowing which coffee to use with it, and where to access the training and knowledge to make it all come together... it's a lot for one person to juggle!

Industry Beans Espresso Machine Membership

So, we tested dozens of home espresso machines to find the one that we believe represented the best intersection of quality, consistency, accessibility and ease of use. Then we developed a premium espresso blend just for that machine – designed to achieve a consistently delicious extraction with a balance of flavour and strength time after time.

To bring it all together, we built a custom Membership Portal housing training videos, tips and tricks, support and troubleshooting, live chat and more.

Industry Beans Coffee Delivery

And so the Espresso Club™is born - a first-of-its-kind membership program that delivers a premium, home espresso machine, an exclusive coffee blend subscription, access to training and support and ongoing discounts and offers, packaged up into a low weekly membership.

Our first round of Membership offers was exhausted in days, and we’re delighted to now be extending the invitation to coffee lovers across Australia to sign up and start making delicious espresso at home.

With flexible packages, you can join today and have everything you need to brew an Industry Beans espresso in less than a week.

We’re proud to be making it easier than ever to make an awesome coffee at home. 

Learn More and Sign Up to The Espresso Club™

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