Our Spring Blend and Dessert Pairing

As the seasons change, so too does our seasonal offering and this Spring we’ve been enjoying the vivid pairing of our Seasonal Espresso and Spring Dessert.

Our Spring Seasonal Espresso Blend is a bright and lively coffee with tasting notes of honeydew melon, yuzu and lemon myrtle. It has a juicy acidity, vibrant sweetness and lovely floral aftertaste designed to evoke the vibrancy of life and colour as it returns to our environment throughout the season.

Taking inspiration from these tasting notes, our chefs created our Spring Dessert - a lemon myrtle parfait with rosewater coconut meringue shards, honeydew pear jelly, melon and mint granita and a yuzu syrup.

Celebrate the final month of Spring with us in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, where we’ll be enjoying this seasonal pairing as often as we find a chance. You can try our Spring Blend at home too – with free shipping Australia wide from our online store.


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