A new season brings many things to Industry Beans, from our new Seasonal Espresso to a delicious Summer dessert that embodies the season! The culinary team in Fitzroy create a new dessert each season that pairs with the tasting notes of our Seasonal Espresso Blend. In this year’s Summer blend, we’re enjoying tasting notes of praline, lemon meringue and pineapple – referencing the summer fruits and festive season desserts we hold dear.


Using these tasting notes as inspiration, our Summer dessert is a crisp meringue sphere filled with salted caramel ice cream, accompanied by lime curd, lemon glazed pineapple and a sprinkling of praline.


This Summer treat will be available seven days a week in Fitzroy and will keep you cool all season long. You can try our seasonal espresso blend: Summer at home too – get yourself a pack via our online store.