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Seasonal Coffee Bubble Cup

Seasonal Coffee Bubble Cup

Introducing the newest addition to our Bubble Cup family: our Seasonal Coffee Bubble Cup.

Inspired by the blueberry, chocolate ganache and sugar plum tasting notes of our Winter Blend, the Seasonal Coffee Bubble Cup is both sweet and rich, taking our seasonal menu to the next level.

Industry Beans Winter Seasonal Bubble Cup with Chocolate Ganache and Blueberry Syrup

Based on our cult classic, the Original Bubble Cup, the Seasonal Bubble Cup for Winter brings together coffee-soaked tapioca pearls, housemade consoy (a mixture of condensed and soy milk) and cold brew coffee – topped off with a smooth chocolate and blueberry syrup that gives it a decadent, dessert-like flavor.

With a Seasonal espresso blend, dessert, paired chocolates and now Seasonal Coffee Bubble Cup – Winter is an immersive flavor experience at Industry Beans.

We hope to share a coffee, dessert and chocolate or two with you this season.

P.s. you can download our app here and order your Seasonal Coffee Bubble Cup ahead of time. There's a $5 welcome credit waiting for you on the home screen!

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