Spring Seasonal Espresso Blend

Our Seasonal Espresso Blend: Spring is a lively and uplifting coffee that pairs well with the slightly warmer temperature and the colourful blooms around us. It reflects flavours of bright stone fruit and citrus – making it a vibrant cup perfectly fit for the season.


Spring is a combination of two washed coffees that are both grown in high altitudes – Nyakabugi, Kenya and Cafè Mujeres, Colombia.

Nyakabugi is a cooperative with 2,000 members growing coffee in Kiambu County, the closest growing region the the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. This lot particularly comprises of SL28 & SL34 varietals, presenting qualities so desirable of Kenyan coffees – tart, lively acidity along with refined, complex fresh fruit characteristics.

Grown and produced by ASMUCAES, an association of women in the Colombian region of Tolima, Cafè Mujeres comes from a lot released within Café Granja La Esperanza – a cooperative known for producing some of the finest exotic microlots in the world. Its bright acidity and caramel-like sweetness provide an exemplar of Tolima’s regional characteristics.


Combining these two coffees together gives Spring its complex yet satisfying flavour profile – leveraging the brightness & fruit sweetness from Nyakabugi and balancing it out with Cafè Mujeres' deep sweet notes, along with its rich & smooth texture.



If you're thinking of brewing a Spring cup at home, follow our brew guide below and look for tasting notes of ruby graprefruit, nectarine and milk chocolate in your brew.

  • Dose: 18g
  • Yield: 36g
  • Shot time: 28–32 seconds