There’s a fresh spring breeze sweeping through the roastery and with it comes our new Seasonal Espresso Blend - Spring.

Spring Blend

In this year’s Spring blend, we’ve combined Tambo Colombia and Shakiso Guji Ethiopia, two distinctive coffees from very different coffee growing regions. Tambo is a beautifully clean and balanced coffee, bringing a bright, long acidity and full body to the blend. Contrastingly, Shakiso Guji is elegant yet vibrant with an array of delicate floral notes and honey-like sweetness.


The combined flavour profiles capture the renewed warmth and freshness of the outdoors, with tasting notes of hibiscus, lime zest and clover honey. We recommend enjoying this espresso with a delicious spring treat, such as our Spring Dessert.

Evoking the vibrancy of life and colour as it returns to our natural surroundings through the Spring season, this blend is yours to enjoy until Summer rolls around. You can try the Spring blend in Lt. Collins for the next two weeks and in Fitzroy all season long, or order yourself a pack via our online store.