At Industry Beans, our Seasonal Espresso Blend gives us the opportunity to use the seasonality of coffee to produce a blend that reflects nature’s shifts in colour, flavour and mood. While we are always using fresh, seasonal coffees; putting together a blend that reflects the current change of season in Melbourne has been a challenge and delight.

For our Summer ’18-19 Blend we’ve combined the Ngozi from Burundi and Sao Benedito from Brazil, two unique coffees from two different continents. Sao Benedito is a velvety coffee that brings a candied sweetness, creamy body and hazelnut praline aftertaste to the blend. Contrastingly, Ngozi is juicy and bright with vibrant tropical notes and a sparkling citric acidity. The end result is a blend that references summer fruits and festive desserts.

This Summer blend has been designed to be enjoyed in summery iced lattes and affogatos. As the outdoor temperature rises, we hope this blend takes your favourite cold coffee indulgences to a new level. 

This blend is yours to enjoy throughout the Summer months. You can come and try the Summer blend with us in Lt. Collins as an espresso feature and in Fitzroy all season long, or order yourself a pack via our online store.