May 31, 2017

Winter has finally arrived

The wonderful team in the Industry Beans roastery have done it again! With winter about to take hold, we have created a stunning seasonal espresso blend to create the perfect response to those chilly winter mornings.

So, to ensure a smooth ride through the cooler months we have created a rich and complex blend of two delicious coffees.  With a smooth, creamy body over a spiced chocolate backdrop we have retained a zesty acidity to balance out this blend.

We welcome the two lovely singles that when combined create the tasting notes of cherry ripe, blood orange and spiced rum.

Kiawamururu AB, Kenya - Coming from the central province, the Kiawamururu factory have implemented initiatives to increase standard of living to its farmers. The AB rating refers to the bean size - on the smaller side. The varietals SL28 and SL 34 used to grow this origin are world renowned, and add a fruit-like characteristic to the acidity.

Letefoho Organic Washed, East Timor - This lot is sourced from a handful of small villages throughout Letefoho. These small villages are typically compromised of a network of smallholder farmers, who collectively operate as cooperatives. They predominantly grow Typica varietal, locally nicknamed “Arabi”.

Head to our online store or visit us in Fitzroy to purchase the limited release Winter blend!