Filter Single Origin - Villarazo, Colombia

$21 AUD
Dried Papaya.
Rum & Raisin. 

Grown by Jairo Arcila at Finca Villarazo, this coffee was hand-picked in order to use only the ripest cherries. From there, it was exposed to 18 hours of dry anaerobic fermentation, before being dried on raised beds.

Jairo started growing coffee 35 years ago when his father became unwell and couldn’t manage his farm anymore. Purchasing his own land several years later, he has continued to experiment and refine his practices until this day, yielding many delicious coffees just like this one.

The flavour profile of Villarazo, Colombia is not what most would expect from a single of this region. It drinks like a boozy fruit bomb with big tropical fruits upfront and a long rum, raisin and chocolate finish.


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