Espresso Blend - Spring '20

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lemon zest.
creme brulee.

Every three months our seasonal blend gives us an opportunity to create a coffee that reflects nature’s changes to our everyday surroundings.

For our Spring ’20 Blend, we have combined two washed process coffees creating a zesty, clean and refreshing blend that evokes the life and colour returning to our natural surroundings.


  • 50% Sierra Madre, Guatemala
  • 50% Aricha, Ethiopia

Sierra Madre, Guatemala - This is a beautiful washed lot from the mountainous, jungle-filled region of Huehuetenango, where remoteness requires that virtually every producer process their own coffee. We have extended the middle section of Sierra Madre’s roast profile for this blend, emphasising its caramel-like qualities without dulling its zesty citric acidity.

Aricha, Ethiopia - Aricha washing station is located in the village of Idido in a microregion of Yirgacheffe. The lighter roast profile of this coffee allows for its beautiful floral qualities to shine through without being masked by sugar-browning flavours, giving Spring its seasonal essence.



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