Sparkling Cold Brew Cans

Please note! Our Cold Brew Cans are available to pre-order for dispatch the week of December 7th. All orders including cans will be held in full to dispatch together.

At Industry Beans, we take our cold brew pretty seriously. We've spent years perfecting our brew and are excited to now be offering it in 250mL cans for your enjoyment and convenience. 

We selected one of our most premium single origins: Dari Kojuwa, Ethiopia. Brewed and filtered to perfect clarity with the Industry Beans 100% PureProcess(™) , it's a clean, naturally sweet coffee without any additives, preservatives or heat treatment.  It's just coffee and water, so pure that it's shelf stable.

We carbonated this cold brew for an extra spritz! It's a new and exciting coffee drinking experience with a rolling bubbling sensation, unlike anything you'll have tried before. With tasting notes of white peach, fuji apple and toffee, it's a light but luxurious mouthful best enjoyed ice cold.

Available in 4 and 16 Pack options.


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