Espresso Blend - Autumn '20

$18 AUD

At Industry Beans, our Seasonal Espresso gives us an opportunity to use the seasonality of coffee to produce a blend that reflects nature’s shifts in colour, flavour and mood.

This Autumn we have combined Matilde from Brazil and Boana from Papua New Guinea.
The resulting flavour profile is a velvety, spice-driven blend with a beautiful tart acidity making for a complex yet smoothly satisfying cup which is fantastic both black and with milk.


  • 50% Matilde, Brazil
  • 50% Boana, Papua New Guinea

Matilde, Brazil - Located in the region of Chapada de Minas Gerais, Matilde farm spans 550 hectares. Throughout the farm coffee crops are shaded by mahogany trees, which provides a slower cherry maturation. This coffee brings to the blend its incredible sweetness and a thick, viscous mouthfeel. It also adds a fruit-influence to go along with the rich caramel-like flavours that Brazilian coffee is best known for.

Boana, Papua New Guinea - This lot comes from the wet Baroida Estate mill in PNG’s Eastern Highlands and is sourced from a variety of surrounding local estate owners. Boana takes its name from the spirit that roams the valleys surrounding the mill. Boana brings to Autumn a tart acidity and juiciness as well as a deep spice complexity.



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