Throughout the year, the team of roasters and baristas at INDUSTRY BEANS work together to offer an extensive list of single origin and blended coffees. Sourced from farmers and collectives across the globe and roasted for either espresso or filter brewing, the coffees on this list include a rotating selection of seasonal single origins alongside feature blends that are offered every day.


Across the globe, espresso has become one of the most popular ways of brewing coffee thanks to the full and rich coffee experience it provides. Utilizing recent advances in research and technology, our approach to espresso coffee is focused on shot profiling. By closely controlling all the variables of each espresso shot we are able showcase the diverse possibilities offered by different single origin coffee beans. We serve it black, white or with soy.


Pourover is a method of brewing filter coffee that will delight coffee drinkers who desire complexity and enjoy the floral notes of lighter roasted coffee beans. Pourover brews are clean, refined and subtle. At INDUSTRY BEANS we use a valved filter brewing device that allows us to control the brewing process and the flavour profile of each cup of pourover that we serve.


The Aeropress is a simple and innovative device for brewing filter coffee that has become increasingly popular - both within the specialty coffee industry as well as amongst those who brew filter coffee at home and on the go. Using the inverted method with the Aeropress allows us to brew for longer and use lighter roasted coffee resulting in a powerful, full flavoured brew.



One of the more difficult brewing methods to master, Syphon is highly regarded for the temperature stability it provides through the brewing process. When paired with the right coffee, the Syphon brews a very clean cup of filter coffee with well balanced characteristics.

Cold Drip and Cold Brew

Brewed with cold water over many hours, the resulting liquid is almost liqueur-like, with low acidity, pronounced sweetness and an intensity of characteristics unlike other brewing methods.  We give you the opportunity to compare & then combine a cold drip and cold brew, served with ice on the side.