Coffee Updates

Heaps of exciting news in coffee, with many new crop coffees arriving, some new brewing methods, and a few things to keep an eye on.

New crop coffees

Kenya: we have been cupping some of the arrival samples of the new lots and they are tasting fantastic.  I (Steve) must have been in a good mood having given the Kaguyu AB a score of 92 on Monday morning!  

Ethiopia: we’re rapidly working through release of fresh naturals and washed lots, all of which are tasting great. Most will have tried the Aleta Sidamo, which is now on by the keg at Lt Collins.  I think this is our best keg-cold-brew yet.

Tanzania & Malawi: Keep an eye out for the APK Arusha from Tanzania, which is just being released, to complement the Chisi from Malawi. Two lesser known East African nations that are producing fantastic coffee.

For further info on incoming and existing coffees please chat to the roasting team as they always enjoying talking coffee and sharing knowledge.


Spring ’18

While Winter ’18 is still keeping us warm , Spring ’18 will bring lovely vibrant notes and floral qualities to the seasonal blend change. A combination of washed Ethiopian and Colombian coffees will yield a sweet espresso, and form the basis for an incredible dessert as well as an exciting chocolate collaboration … 

Batch Brew at Fitzroy

We’ve seen the successful rise of Batch Brew at Lt. Collins since launch in November and are very excited about releasing this at Fitzroy in a few weeks. As a great way to experience consistently high quality coffee, we are sure everyone will want in on this.

Kegs at Lt Collins

We’ve been experimenting with producing our own kegs of Cold Brew in house in July and are pleased to say the results are proving to be outstanding. Using new technology out of the US and Europe, next time you are at Lt Collins have a taste of the cold brew (Aleta Sidamo, Ethiopia at the moment). Made fresh, it is still in trial phase and we look forward to releasing the product more widely in the future.