use our TAILORED CALCULATOR to find your perfect subscription

We know there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ for coffee subscriptions, so we’ve created this calculator to get you set up to make coffee exactly the way you want to.

Simply use the sliders to find the package that’s right for you – by adjusting the amount of coffee you want, the length of your subscription and the amount of the refundable security deposit, you'll be able to tweak it until it’s just right, then once you’re happy, sign up and we’ll get your machine and coffee on its way!

Please note: you’ll be charged a refundable security and your first payment upon sign up, then your weekly payments will commence.

Questions? We’re here on live chat (check the bottom of the screen) and always on email at – and don’t forget to check out our FAQs just above/below.


Thank You


What sort of machine is it?

We partnered up with De'Longhi to find a machine that makes awesome coffee at home, and isn't overly complicated. The De'Longhi La Specialista is an all-in-one grinding, brewing and steaming solution, giving you freshly ground beans on demand, and the perfect extraction for your espresso, long black, flat white, latte, cappuccino, piccolo, macchiato .... or any milk-based coffee you like to drink, with a easy-to-use steam wand. We've tested it out and it has our tick of approval for a great home espresso experience.

Why is there a deposit for the membership?

As part of this awesome package, we are shipping you a $1,100 machine - so hopefully you can understand the need for some security! Remember, it is a deposit so you will get the money back (and own a coffee machine) at the end of the 24 months.


$300 which can be paid with your payment method of choice.

Who owns the machine?

For the first 24 months we own the coffee machine however after 24 months we will sign the title over to you for no cost and you’ll get your full membership deposit back, no strings attached. If well-cared for, your machine should give you years more of great espresso - however if you're looking to upgrade we can facilitate that with our latest machine & ongoing subscription. (Just like a phone plan, remember?)

What's in the Espresso Club Welcome Pack?

Everything you need to get started, including your first delivery of coffee + a little extra to season the grinder, a reusable cup, a quick set up guide for your machine, a quick reference guide for managing your subscription and a small surprise.

When will I be billed for my $25/week?

You'll be charged your first weekly fee on your date of purchase, then every 7 days from there onwards.


750g of beans will make you just over 2 cups a day, which is the average amount a household goes through. If, like us, you can happily smash 3-4 cups of coffee a day, you may want to look at 1kg - or, if you're anticipating a lower consumption 500g. The good news is you can change your quantity at any stage throughout your membership as you get to know your cofeee needs better.

Can I pause my subscription? What if I go away?

Of course! We love holidays! After 6 months you'll be able to pause your payments and deliveries once for up to 4 weeks - perfect if you're taking a holiday. Before 6 months, you can still pause your deliveri However, please note your payments will still be deducted on a monthly basis until the end of your membership (unless you choose to leave early - see below). The coffee deliveries will be paused and delivered after the end of your membership.

Can I change or add to my coffee deliveries?

We've created a unique and premium specialty blend for home espresso extraction, which will form the base of your subscription. You're welcome to add extras and new things to try other coffees - and don’t forget to use your membership discount to buy all your other favourites items online such as chocolate or chai.

Can I cancel before 24 months and give back the machine?

If you leave early you will forfeit your membership deposit and we will collect the machine. If you return the machine yourself, we will deduct a cleaning fee of up to $300 and your deposit will be refunded. Alternatively we can arrange a machine purchase/buyout price depending on the time left on your membership.

What do I do about machine servicing?

We will provide you with a 24 hour support contact for any troubleshooting issues, and of course you will be fully covered by the 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty. No regular servicing will be required; we'll provide you with tips & advice to keep your machine in perfect working order.

I already have an espresso machine but I'd like to be part of the Club - can I purchase the Gold Membership?

For now, the Gold Membership is exclusive to the Espresso Club but stay tuned for new Membership packages coming soon ... and if you'd like to get a coffee subscription, check out our subscription coffees here.

Thank you! We'll reach out via email within the next working day.