Office Supply


Let us take care of your office coffee. With Industry Beans Office Supply, you can enjoy premium specialty coffee at exclusive kilo prices, delivered free of charge every fortnight.

Low minimums

Access our exclusive office pricing from 2kg/fortnight


Self-managed accounts

Adjust your quantity and delivery dates as needed


Increase employee happiness

Offer the best specialty coffee to your team


With an Office Supply subscription, you’ll have access to our self-managed system which keeps your supply fully flexible.
If you find you are going through coffee faster or slower than usual, you can bring forward or push back the date of a shipment, increase the quantity, or even skip a delivery all together. Deliveries that would fall over holidays periods are easily moved, and totally controlled by the person who knows exactly what your office needs – you.

Sounds too good to be true? Never.


Questions? Reach out to or check out our FAQs.