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We developed the Industry Beans 100% PureProcess™ to be able to extract the purest cold brew coffee with no heat treatment or additives. This proprietary process uses nothing but coffee and water, processed with the use of cutting edge food science technology to achieve what is referred to as a “perfect emulsion”. One of the most exciting benefits of this is that it makes our cold brew shelf stable for up to one year from the date it was brewed even when stored at room temperature. It’s all natural, always available and consistently delicious. You won’t find a cold brew as pure, anywhere else.


Industry Beans cold brew coffee is different to any other cold brew you’ve ever tasted. Crystal clear and impeccably clean, unlike some other cold brew products out there, we don’t pasteurize, inject Nitrogen or use preservatives - it’s just delicious, premium cold brew coffee. We source, roast and brew our cold brew with the same premium quality single origins that we roast for our cafes. Using our proprietary 100% PureProcess™ brewing method, we’ve created a range of perfectly balanced, naturally sweet cold brew coffee products to be enjoyed on tap, on the go, however you like.


Come into an Industry Beans café to enjoy Cold Brew many ways, from a refreshing straight up single origin served over ice to one of our signature beverages. For milk coffee lovers, the Fitzroy Iced is a velvety mix of cold brew coffee, Wattleseed, organic panela and milk. For lovers of Bubble tea, our famous Bubble Coffee is a sweet and indulgent mix of cold brew coffee, coffee soaked tapioca pearls, vanilla consoy and ice. There’s a cold brew for everyone.

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We’re excited to have released two brand new ready to drink coffee cans so you can always take a fresh brew on the journey with you. Both are incredibly fresh, smooth and unique coffee drinking experiences, unlike anything you’ll have tried before. With tasting notes of white peach, fuji apple and toffee they’re a light but luxurious mouthful best enjoyed ice cold on their own, or as the base for mixed beverages.

For those looking for a smooth experience, our Single Origin Still is a straight mouthful of delicious cold brew. If you’re looking for something with a spritz, our category first Single Origin Sparkling is a brand new way to enjoy your coffee.

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We’ve created everything you need to serve Cold Brew on Tap in your own venues high quality single origin cold brew kegs, and a series of options for installation of a dispensing solution. An Industry Beans Cold Brew on Tap system brings the same cold brew served in Industry Beans cafes, into your environment. We have a range of options to suit any venue or office, available for outright purchase or a low weekly rental. We'll cover the installation and training, to make sure you're set up to start pouring delicious cold brew coffee without any fuss. Our 10litre kegs are fresh, shelf stable and easy to store. If you’d like to chat about cold brew on tap, submit an enquiry here or reach out to roasting@industrybeans.com