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2018 Spring Menu

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Fruit Sashimi
Cherry and blood orange cured papaya, wattleseed and pepper leaf rice crisp, coffee chaff milk jelly, compressed watermelon, citrus raindrop cake and coffee caviar     19

Açaí Oats
Açai and dragon fruit soaked steel cut oats, roasted pineapple mousse, shredded nashi pear, compressed watermelon and chia crumble     18

Cinnamon Dusted Brioche
Tonka bean ice cream, maple roasted peanuts, blackberry coulis, manuka sherbert and coffee caviar     20

Avocado Smash
Chevre, charred lemon, beetroot coral, green tea sea salt and sourdough     18
add poached egg     3.5
add medley tomatoes     4

Porcini Egg
Jerusalem artichoke rosti, parsnip nest, roast mushroom duxelle, wild greens, seared king brown mushrooms, truffle oil and pea foam     23

Smoked Manchego Omelette
Chilli roasted zucchini, pickled sweet fennel, paprika roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin sourdough     20
add avocado    5
add wood smoked bacon    6

Turmeric and Beetroot Bagel
Smoked black garlic cream cheese, house cured salmon, pickled zucchini, avocado and fried capers     22

Eggs and Relish
Scrambled, poached or fried, beetroot relish and sourdough     12


Juniper Berry Sous Vide Salmon
25     Crispy samphire, Japanese seaweed, beetroot coral, edible sand,
yuzu jelly, snow pea tendrils and sea foam

Bone Broth
23     Vanishing collagen noodles, tea marbled egg, Dutch carrots, cripsy kale,
pearl barley and marinated rare beef

Coffee Rubbed Wagyu Burger
23     Chilli jam, cheddar, pickled zucchini and brioche bun
add bacon     4
add polenta chips     4

IB Fried Chicken Burger
23     Beetroot and carrot slaw, buffalo cream cheese, Kewpie mayo and brioche bun
add cheese and bacon     5
add polenta chips     4

Coffee Braised Short Rib
24     Betel leaf, black rice, bean shoots, pickled chilli nahm jim,
szechuan roasted peanuts and crispy carrot

Crispy Beans and Quinoa
19     Chilli pickle, avocado, tomato, spanish onion, puffed grains and a pea dusted poached egg
add cured salmon     5

Marinated Rare Beef
24     Puffed quinoa, pickled onion, Sriracha aioli, peanut crusted egg and fried capers




Polenta Chips
Green tea sea salt, coriander and lime aioli     7

Vegetable Chips
Green tea sea salt, coriander and lime aioli     8



Cashew butter, Beetroot relish     1.5 ea
House baked gluten free bread     3 ea
Wilted spinach, Poached egg     3.5 ea
Wild mushrooms, Roma tomatoes     4 ea
Half avocado, Goats cheese     5 ea
Wood smoked bacon, Cured salmon     6 ea




Honey sponge, lime zest and coconut sorbet, hibicus floss and sour cherry popping candy     12

Coffee Garden
Carrot sponge, coffee pudding, chocolate soil, coffee caviar and green matcha     15

Coffee Cashew Cheesecake
Blackberry coulis, pecan, walnut and goji leather     12

All dishes may contain traces of nuts, please inform us if you have any allergies



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Current Coffee Menu

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sweet orange | blackcurrant | chocolate





clover honey | hibiscus | lime zest



Santa Isabel | GUATEMALA

sugar plum | raspberry | stewed apple

Santa Isabel farm is a family business, now spanning five generations, and was founded in 1875 when the land was granted to the Valdés family by Guatemala’s President. One third of the farm’s 300 hectares is dedicated to a natural forest reserve, helping to protect natural water resources and encourage biodiversity.

Nariño de Alban | COLOMBIA

blood orange | tiramisu | black cherry

The municipality of Albán is located around 2 hours’ north of Pasto, the capital of the Nariño region. Albán was founded in 1573, when the Spanish bishop Pedro Peña unified several villages in the area. Today Albán is driven by its agriculturally-centered economy.

Decaf Sidamo | ETHIOPIA

bright | floral | chocolate

This single origin was grown at an altitude of 1850 masl in the Sidamo Province. It has been decaffeinated using the swiss water process, an entirely chemical free method of removing the caffeine from coffee that also conserves its distinctive flavour characteristics.




Wonberta | ETHIOPIA

cola | blueberry | rosewater

This beautiful coffee is grown in the fertile soils around the Wonberta Mill in Kercha, South Oromia, which is part of the Guji region. The mill acts as a collector and buys from 500 neighbouring small-scale growers. Each grower owns 1-2 hectares of land and grows coffee as a cash crop.



tangelo | sugar plum | almond

Finca El Aguila (“The Eagle”) is nestled between the La Ranas and El Aguila volcanoes in Santa Ana, El Salvador. With decades lost to civil war, this small farm devoted itself to rebuilding, in the process rediscovering seven high-quality coffee varietals. This single-varietal lot reflects the farm’s commitment to high-quality production.



red currant | jasmine | white peach

Located in Shakiso, Ethiopia, Tade GG is a private farm that spans a 221 hectare area. One of three lots from Tade GG that Industry Beans purchased this year, this has been processed using the honey method. We also have washed and natural processed lots.



Wolichu Wachu | ETHIOPIA

guava | cola | lime jelly

The Wolichu Wachu washing station serves 4,500 smallholder producers in and
around the town of Haro Wachu. This lot is a special prep, with extra care given to the
coffee from start to finish to ensure that only the best beans make it through sorting,
processing and drying.


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