Cafe Treats Bundle

$45 AUD

Our favourite cafe treats all packed into one mouth-watering box, enjoy a decadent dark chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie, a velvety and rich Honeyseed Slice and the perfect combination of seeds, grains and nuts in our Golden Granola. It's the ultimate trio of treats to get you through the week.

Treats by Industry Beans is a capsule collection of your favourite café treats, packed with care to bring a taste of Industry Beans into your homes.

Each Treat has been created by our team of Chefs, baked daily in our kitchens in Fitzroy, York St. and Newstead, and thoroughly tested and approved by our café communities! They’re our pick of our best coffee accompaniments, packaged up with care to make their way into your homes.

We don’t use any preservative agents, so they’re best enjoyed within a month from creation and within 7 days of opening (please check the label on each Treat) – though if you pop them in the freezer, they’ll be happy there for twice as long! With four portions to each package, you can cater to one or many.

We recommend serving these treats alongside a freshly brewed coffee, prepared to your taste.

You can enjoy the original Treats Trio, or add a pair of our Choc Chip Wattleseed Cookies to make the ultimate bundle of treats.

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