Espresso Blend - Winter

Black Forest.
Candied Orange.

Each season Industry Beans seeks to create a unique blend that best expresses the season in each cup. For our Winter 2018 blend we have matched a balanced, sweet and smooth naturally processed Brazilian micro lot with a bright, citric and vibrant washed Colombian. The result is a rich and warming, smooth chocolatey blend perfect for a winter latte and equally delicious as a long black.

El Peñol, Colombia - El Peñol is a municipality in eastern Antioquia. It is located on a mountain derivation of the central Andean Cordillera. Geologically it is located on a large area of the Antioquia Batholth in a region where the most important monolithic formations are. These formations are called El Peñol Stone (from which the town takes its name), El Martial stone and San Vicente Peñolcito stone.
Ondas da Mantiqueira, Brazil - Fazenda Ondas da Mantiqueira is located in the rolling mountains of Sul de Minas close to the small municipality of Carmo de Minas. The region has quite recently become renowned for its impeccable quality, producing some of the finest lots
Brazil has to offer while dominating the Brazilian Cup of Excellence awards for several years.



  • 50% El Peñol, Colombia
  • 50% Ondas da Mantiqueira, Brazil


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