Espresso Blend - Spring 18

Lime Zest.
Clover Honey.

At Industry Beans, our Seasonal Espresso Blend gives us an opportunity to use the seasonality of coffee to produce a blend that reflects nature’s shifts in colour, flavour and mood. For our Spring ‘18 blend, we have combined the Tambo from Colombia and Shakiso Guji from Ethiopia, two distinctive coffees from very different coffee growing regions.

Tambo is a very clean and balanced coffee and brings to the blend a bright, long acidity and full body.  Contrastingly, Shakiso Guji is elegant yet vibrant with an array of delicate floral notes and honey-like sweetness. The combined flavour profiles capture the renewed warmth and freshness of the outdoors, with tasting notes of hibiscus, lime zest and clover honey.



  • 50% Tambo, Colombia
  • 50% Shakiso Guji, Ethiopia


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