Espresso Blend - Winter

Cherry Ripe.
Blood Orange.
Spiced Rum.


Every three months Industry Beans releases a new blend to reflect the change of season, and this Winter we have paired two standout washed processed coffees that encapsulate the feel of the season in every cup.

This season’s blend is rich, yet complex. With a smooth, creamy body, its zesty acidity resonates over a spiced chocolate backdrop.

Kiawamaruru AA, Kenya - Coming from the central Province the
Kiawamamruru factory have implemented initiative to increase standard of living to its farmers. The AA rating refers to the bean size- on the larger side.

The varietals SL28 and SL 34 used to grow this origin are world renowned, and add a fruit-like characteristic to the acidity,

Letefoho Organic Washed, East Timor - This lot is sourced from a handful of small villages throughout Letefoho. These small villages are typically
comprimised of a network of smallholder farmers, who collectively operate as cooperatives. They predominantly grow Typica varietal, locally nicknamed “Arabi”.



  • 50% Kiawamaruru AA, Kenya
  • 50% Letefoho, East Timor


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