Espresso Single Origin Espigao, Brazil

$22 AUD
red grape. 
PROCESS: Natural
VARIETAL: Yellow Catucai
ALTITUDE: 1000 – 1200masl

Fazenda Espigao is located in the town of Campos Altos, in the mountainous Cerrado Mineiro region of Brazil. There, all coffees undergo a rigorous process of quality, from of the initial production of the crops, through processing and into post-harvest.

This natural processed lot shows great characteristic flavours of Brazil, with notes of nuts and dried fruit and a long, velvety aftertaste. When roasting this coffee, we’ve taken care to balance and highlight its sweetness and body.

This is the second year we’ve sourced this lot, and we’re delighted once again at its quality and consistency, which lovers of natural Brazilian coffees will definitely enjoy.


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