Espresso Single Origin Fazenda California, Brazil

$18 AUD
red apple. 
milk chocoolate.
PROCESS: Double Fermentation
VARIETAL: Catuai & Mundo Novo
ALTITUDE: 750 masl

If Fazenda California sounds familiar to you, that's because it was one of the components from this year's Autumn Blend. As so often happens, we fell in love with this coffee and couldn't miss the opportunity to share its qualities as a feature single origin.

Owned Saldanha family, Fazenda California is located in the Brazilian subtropical region of the so-called Norte Pioneiro do Parana. Because of its location adjacent to southern Brazil, coffee farming thrives with volcanic soil, high rainfall and without low temperatures throughout the winter period.

This lot is a peaberry, which means that instead of two beans growing inside each cherry, there is only one round bean. As such, when roasting we have prolonged the drying and maillard phase at a lower temperature, to make sure we're caramelising all of the the sugars in this naturally sweet coffee.


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