Espresso Single Origin Gahahe, Burundi

$22 AUD
Strawberry Jam. 
Grape Candy. 
Black Tea.
PROCESS: CIMA Yeast Anaerobic Natural
VARIETAL: Red Bourbon
ALTITUDE: 1805 masl

If you purchase single origins from us regularly, you may be familiar with the Gahahe washing station from a delicious release earlier this year. We’re pleased to have secured another lot from this region but this time, featuring a different process and giving an entirely different flavour profile and drinking experience.

Introducing Gahahe, Burundi. This red bourbon coffee is processed using a CIMA yeast anaerobic natural process that sees the fruit fermented with the pulp in an oxygen-free environment which in turn, creates a unique and delicious profile in the cup.

Through careful roasting and a prolonged drying and caramelisation phase, we’re able to extract the natural sweetness from the coffee that really enhances its sweet and fruity tasting notes.

This espresso roast features a velvety mouth feel and some gentle acidity that provides a prolonged aftertaste making this natural coffee an exceptional drinking experience.

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