Espresso Single Origin Yukro, Ethiopia

$20 AUD
Earl Grey.
Yellow Peach.
Concord Grape.
VARIETAL: 75227 & Merdacheriko
ALTITUDE: 1905 - 2100 masl

This coffee hails from the Telila processing station the Gera Woreda, one of the highland growing areas in Ethiopia. The station sources coffee cherries from three different areas around the washing station – Yukro, Kercho Anderacha, and Genji Challa - and the cherries from each village are processed separately to create community separated lots. Upon arrival to the station, cherries are prioritised through a precise process, where they are pulped within 12 hours from picking, soaked in clean water for 12 hours, and then another 12 hours in refreshed water. Processing is finished in the sunshine on raised drying beds.

This is the first coffee from the Gera Woreda we’ve worked with. We were drawn to its clean, sweet and well-structured profile, a classic representation of the region. It’s somewhat unique to find single or dual varietal lots out of Ethiopia, with many coffees being classified simply as ‘Heirloom’, and we are particularly interested in its dominant varietal 72557 which is coffee berry disease resistant.

We know you’ll enjoy finding tasting notes of concord grape, earl grey and yellow peach in this coffee, just as we have.


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