Filter Single Origin Aserri and Acosta, Costa Rica

$21 AUD
Medjool Date.
PROCESS: Black Honey
ALTITUDE: 1500 – 1700 masl

This exciting black honey processed lot comes to us from Finca Parritilla in the prized Tarrazu growing region. The Tarrazu is a sanctuary of native flora and fauna, and produces some of the best coffee in Costa Rica thanks to ideal climate conditions, and a local cooperative putting hard work into growing award-winning coffee.

Finca Parritilla is part of the ASOPROAAA Coooperative, which was formed to help get coffee farmers back into production after Hurricane Mitch wiped out agriculture in the region. Today, the coop represents more than 1000 smallholder farmers and is recognised internationally as a quality coffee producer. This reputation has resulted in higher prices and financial stability for farmers, as well as many notable coffee awards.

This is the second year we've sourced this lot, and the second of two black honey processed lots from Costa Rica we've sourced this year. We're very much enjoying its malic acidity, round body and sweet, sticky finish - a perfect summertime coffee.


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