Filter Single Origin Finca La Peña, Colombia

$21 AUD
PROCESS: Honey process
ALTITUDE: 1900-2100 masl

Sourced from Finca La Peña in Nariño, this coffee has already made its mark at Industry Beans as a much-loved component of this year's limited edition Spring Seasonal Espresso. On its own, it offers delicious caramel, citrus and berry notes along with a lovely velvety mouthful that more than qualify it for a spot in our single origin rotation!

Finca La Peña is run by Laureano Janamejoy and family, who along with high quality coffee, cultivate plantains and fruit trees to provide growing shade. This lot was handpicked and fermented for three days before pulping and a fifteen further days of drying.

This coffee has a lot of natural sweetness, which we've highlighted by extending the drying and maillard roasting phases to ensure we caramelise all the natural sugars in the beans. The result is a not only sweet, but perfectly balanced cup that any coffee drinker will enjoy.

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