Filter Single Origin Ndaroini, Kenya

$25 AUD
Milk chocolate. 
Green apple. 
Blackcurrant Candy.
ALTITUDE: 1600 - 1700masl

This bright, juicy and sweet coffee is new to Industry Beans, and we have a limited amount to roast through our Autumn and Winter seasons.

Hailing from the Nyeri region in Central Kenya, this lot was processed at the Ndaroini Factory. Ndaroini was built in 1984 by a group of producers in Karatina who were tired of traveling long distances to deliver their cherry. For this reason, they named the factory, “ndaroini,” meaning “place of rest” in Swahili. It’s one of three stations operated by the Gikanda Farmers Cooperative Society who are well known for their high quality lots and continued focus on training and infrastructure.

This lot is an excellent representation of the region that we’ll be offering exclusively as a filter roast. We designed our roasting profile to make the most of the natural sweetness in the beans, at the same time accentuating its juiciness to come together in a clean, balanced cup which we hope you enjoy.


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