Filter Single Origin Nyamiyaga, Rwanda

$21 AUD
Yellow Peach. 
PROCESS: Natural
ALTITUDE: 1250 -1550 masl

Rwanda has long been one of our favourite coffee producing nations, within our general passion for East-African coffees. Most of Rwanda’s coffee comes from smallholders who all own less than a quarter of an acre of farmland and heavily rely on local washing stations to process their coffee and get it to market.

The Nyamiyaga Washing Station, located in the North-Western region of Rwanda is operated by RWACF, a foundation developed to assist and support farmers from a social, agricultural and economic level to ensure success for the farmers and the region.

We have roasted this coffee for filter and in a way to accentuate the natural sweetness coming through from the natural process. This is done through an extended development phase and a gentle drying phase post-roast to slowly caramelise the delicious sugars in the coffee.

It features a sweet finish, prolonged aftertaste and a wine like complexity, along with a velvety mouthfeel and slight acidity.

This is the first time we’ve had a natural processed Rwandan coffee on the menu and we’re thrilled to offer this delicious coffee to you.

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