Seasonal Espresso & Chocolate Pack

$30 AUD

Indulge in our sweetest seasonal collaboration...

Our limited release Seasonal Espresso Blend for Spring has been designed to capture the renewed warmth and freshness of the outdoors. With tasting notes of honeydew, yuzu and lemon myrtle, Spring Blend is equally delicious both black and with milk and evokes the vibrancy of life and colour as it returns to our environment throughout the Spring season.

Using our Spring Seasonal Espresso and in collaboration with Meltdown Artisan, we created the ultimate coffee chocolate.

This milk chocolate block has a strong cocoa flavour and a biscuity finish. Infused with freshly ground Spring Seasonal Espresso coffee for 24-hours and then strained, each bite offers a delicate crunchiness from the residual coffee.

This pack is perfect for the coffee and chocolate lover in your life – even if that’s just you.

Spring Seasonal Espresso Pack includes:

  • 24-hour Seasonal Espresso infused Chocolate Block (RRP $14)
  • 250g Spring Seasonal Espresso Blend (RRP $19)


During the warmer months, we do ask you to use your discretion when ordering as melting can occur in transit if there are any unforeseen delays.

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