The Filter Essentials Kit

$155 AUD

The filter brewing essentials that will create a filter brewing station in any home or office.

This Brewing Kit includes:

Your choice of pour over equipment...

Torch Mountain Dripper & Filter Papers (RRP $80) - This finely crafted porcelain dripper from Torch features special internal ribs which guide the flow of water through the coffee. Meanwhile, its five outlet holes ensure the optimum rate of flow for consistently smooth and perfectly balanced coffee.


Hario V60 Metal Pourover & Filter Papers (RRP $87) - Featuring an advanced Japanese design to facilitate the production of quality pour over coffee, being made from steel means this V60 dripper is ready to carry anywhere and drip straight into your cup with ease.


Rhinowares Hand Grinder (RRP $65)- As every serious home barista knows, using freshly ground coffee is the first step to making a great filter brew. Using ceramic, conical burrs, this Hand Grinder is compact, durable and easily adjustable to produce a range of grind sizes.

250g Roaster’s Pick Filter Single Origin (RRP $19)- Taste what we’re tasting with a weekly filter single origin selection curated by our roasting team. We love every single origin that we roast, but sometimes something stands out and really resonates with one of our roasters. It may be the notes, the mouthfeel, the story – whatever it is, it’ll be something special.

This brewing kit gives you a 5% discount on all products included and will be delivered to you in an Industry Beans branded mailer box.

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