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Adeney Milkbar Cafe in Kew

February 26, 2015

Since opening in early 2013, Adeney Milkbar Cafe has established a reputation as one of the best places to get specialty coffee in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. Nestled on a leafy park corner in Kew and housed in an old brick milkbar, Adeney is owned by barista siblings James and Cat Laskie who grew up in the neighbourhood. It's fitting then, that their cafe has become the go-to spot for cofee and brunch amongst locals. Adeney serves INDUSTRY BEANS coffee seven days a week, offering our Fitzroy Street Blend alongside a rotating cast of our single origin coffees on their three-group Synesso. The kitchen at Adeney also plates up a scrumptious, delightful take on Melbourne brunch classics. Recommended. Adeney Milkbar Cafe 70 Adeney AveKew, VIC 3101... Continue Reading →

Exclusive Geisha varietal from Santa Felisa, Guatemala

February 19, 2015

In the Arabica family, Geisha is one of the most sought after varietals. Tracing it's origins to Ethiopia, Geisha can grow at very high altitude - the extreme conditions allowing the cherry to ripen slowly increasing its sweetness and complexity. Specialty-grade Geisha varietal typically yields a delicate cup profile characterised by sweet, floral notes. In the past Geisha plants were often avoided by coffee growers, as they are comparatively low yielding. With growing demand for exceptional coffee in the specialty market, however, many farmers have begun growing Geisha. This exceptional Geisha was grown and processed by Santa Felisa Estate in Guatemala. In the shadow of the active volcano Fuego, Santa Felisa Estate is owned and run by fourth generation coffee farmers Antonio... Continue Reading →

A letter from Central America #2 : Roya and the future of coffee growing in the region

February 04, 2015

In January our co-founder and coffee buyer Steve Simmons travelled through Central America to forge new and closer relationships with the region's coffee farmers. In this article Steve reflects on his conversations with coffee growers about the legacy of the recent outbreak of Roya throughout the region. "Travelling throughout the coffee growing regions of Central America we encountered varied levels of optimism about the future. Most of the coffee farmers we visited talked openly about the impact of Roya, the fungal leaf rust disease that has been affecting production levels throughout the region.  A fungal disease that destroys foliage on coffee plants and cripples fruit production, the reasons for the rapid spread of Roya in the region remain somewhat of a mystery. Some researchers and farmers... Continue Reading →


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