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Designed and made in Melbourne, UPPERCUP is a genuinely sustainable reusable cup. Here's the story...

December 10, 2014

Completely recyclable and genuinely sustainable, Uppercup is a stylish reusable cup that was designed and is produced entirely in Melbourne. Produced with a mixture of artisan techniques and cutting edge technology, it's mid-century inspired design has been recognised by Design Awards in both Melbourne and New York. Uppercup's founder, James McKay, started dreaming the product into being three years ago. The concept was to bring together McKay's experience in the specialty coffee industry with his passion for street culture and design. "I’ve always been passionate about design and I set out to create a global brand around good minimal design, and coffee culture as well as broader influences and cultural references that interest me, such as architecture, tattooing, music and art, cycling and commuting culture, sustainability, and... Continue Reading →

Brunch Reimagined

December 02, 2014

Summer has arrived at Industry Beans! The new Summer Menu designed by our head chef, Jess Allen, offers a brunch experience creatively reimagined with a fine dining influence. It tastes - and looks - delicious! Before taking the helm of the Industry Beans kitchen earlier this year, Jess Allen spent years working at some of Melbourne's top fine dining restaurants. His imaginative approach and attention to detail can be tasted across the menu. Dishes include elements such as  house cured kingfish, basil gel, truffle foam, rosewater compressed watermelon, lime jelly and coffee caviar. The menu is designed to complement the summer weather, with refreshing elements such as lavender-infused mango, green papaya, freeze dried fruits, heirloom tomatoes and poached cherries. We've also redesigned our popular Brunch Tapas menu for the summertime with a selection of delicious items including the Coconut Kingfish, Peanut Crusted Egg and the Sticky Rice Cakes. View the Summer Menu here. Continue Reading →

The Industry Beans Mixtape vol. 3

October 24, 2014

The sun is out! Here's some tunes for the sunshine, y'all... Continue Reading →

The Industry Beans Mixtape Vol. 2

October 08, 2014

Some blissed out beats and blues to get you over that mid-week hump... Continue Reading →